Who We Are


Randy Schiltz

Randy Schiltz has a Business Administration Degree from The Citadel and has achieved multiple designations in residential construction. He serves as President and Founder of t-Olive Properties.

Brian Schiltz

Brian Schiltz has a Business Administration degree from The Citadel. His extensive construction background spans both the commercial sector and high end residential sector in California and Georgia. He serves as head of all Field Operations.

Collectively, Randy and Brian have 40 years of construction experience.

Our Process

There is no standard process, as each client comes to us with differing circumstances.  We are truly Custom and thus our Process is defined once we understand our Client’s position.

  1. Client’s land or lot analysis- guidance with soil tests, setbacks, etc.
  2. Owner Budget allocation discussed

  3. Plan development and review

  4. Baseline assumption estimate issued

  5. Letter of Intent issued

  6. Specifications developed – Builder and Client and Designer

  7. Final estimate established based on bids from our trades and suppliers

  8. Contract issued

  9. Permitting

  10. Construction Commences

  11. Construction Completion -Home Orientation

  12. Issuance of 2-10 Warranty